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Buy a ready-made business to rent photos and video equipment for events
Own production
Delivery around the world

Our cool, mobile flash photo booth
Sure! See the novelty: GIF-stand Selfie!
From day one you will receive:
Additional income of 400 euros per evening, renting equipment for the event.

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Modern, light and mobile!
We make modern interactives,
to make it easy and easy for you
to bring you income.
GIF-stand Selfie
The lightest and most mobile
Ring LED light around the main console attracts everyone and copes with any lighting! Wireless printing and the fastest installation with a simple setup have made it our favorite among photo booths. Watch the video with it!

Cost from 3000 Euros
Photo booth with studio light
Easy to assembled and takes the highest quality shots
Makes the highest quality photos, thanks to studio light and portrait scatterer. It can work with different printers.
Easy to gather and carry.
Works 3 in 1: photo booth + video booth + Instagram hashprinter

Cost from 4000 Euros
Classic Photo Booth
To work in shopping malls or restaurants. For big events
You can install a photo booth in shopping malls to get passive income. Easily branded by your logos. It can be disassemble into two pieces. Inside is a printer, all the doors are on the locks.

Cost from 3500 Euros
Spinner 360 / Video selfie 360 /
SlowMo 360 / Bullet time 360 /
Spectacular 360-degree video with a slowdown of 16 times
Spectacular video clips with the company logo, easy! With the effect of stopping time as in the Matrix) and the view from all sides as 360 cameras in bullet time installation.
The platform can accommodate up to 6 people

Cost from 2500 Euros
It is very easy to start a business:
It is necessary to agree with three organizers of weddings, events, anniversaries, banquets or corporate parties
We'll tell you how to set up ads on the Internet
We will make and run Google advertising campaigns for your city. While the equipment is coming to you, you will already
start receiving orders!
We'll provide you with
promotional materials
Flyers, commercial offers for restaurants and eventors will be with you before you get the equipment!
And you will have to offer
your friends
Interactives are trending entertainment for any holiday. Today, few events do not order entertainment for their guests.
Let's make money from it!
Choose what you like
Light, mobile, trendy and ultra-cool!
Photo stand on tripod
The presence of studio pulselight makes the photos of high quality. Light and comfortable design will allow you to be mobile at any event...
Prices and description ->
The best mobile solution for instant photo printing. Wireless printing and ring LED lighting will surprise any of your guests!
Prices and description ->
Classic Photo Booth
Disassembled in two parts, with a huge area for branding. It is also easily transported in a car.
Find out the cost
Spinner 360 or Video selfie 360
A platform with a smooth camera launch, video stabilization, a program to manage and download video from a GoPro camera, automatic video editing with logo, branding and music.
Find out the cost
Our customers are happy
with their investments
Who was the first client, now it is difficult to remember. Since in the first month we had several events in a row and they were all exciting, because it was a new direction (we are not photographers, and with the photo faced only selfies on the phone)))

The most striking impression for us was the Festival Vkontakte , we almost just started to work with a photo booth and immediately got to a huge site, with a large flow of people. At this festival, the guys took us to their partners, and not just sold us a booth and forgot about us.

Why did we buy a photo booth? We decided to try a new direction, additional income will not hurt us)))

The difficulties were mainly with makets for photo strips, because before none of us worked in photoshop. But over time, all mastered without problems.

When buying a photo booth, I would like to get more detailed technical instructions, as well as software on a flash drive. In case of any malfunction.

The price and quality are consistent. All the mechanisms work clearly and quickly, without complaints.

P.S. We want to express huge gratitude to the guys, we did not regret our choice of the company selling the photo booth. They didn't just sell the goods and get off, no. We can easily call and consult on any issue. Often offer participation in joint projects.
Spinner 360 Video
The most profitable video interactive
Three options to start your business:
Example. Income and payback from different sets of Spinner 360 installations
Software + DIY set
  • Software Spinner 360 v.1.9.3
  • Remoute control DIY set
  • Stepper motor DIY set
  • 1 year of support
1790 Euros
1190 Euros
Spinner platform set
  • Platform Spinner 360
  • Software Spinner 360 v.1.9.3
  • Remoute control
  • Сamera bracket for GoPro
  • Instructions for working with the software
  • Assembly instructions
  • 1 year of support
3190 Euros
2800 Euros
Spinner + light stands
  • Platform Spinner 360
  • Software Spinner 360 v.1.9.3
  • Remoute control
  • Сamera bracket for GoPro
  • Instructions for working with the software
  • Assembly instructions
  • 1 year of support
  • Set of 6 LED light stands
3890 Euros
3490 Euros
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